Refugee application to Zurich Int'L airport, in Swiss

Refusal Notice for my refugee application :      Erklärung

expelling documents ;      1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9

These documents say that I am not allowed to apply refugee to Schengen area within 5 years,
     which the Swiss officer emphasized.
Now do you know what ?
They are here in my place about 3 years later, stalking, forcing and begging to come back,
     which is secretly being done but everybody knows. Total ridicule !!
I don't know who they are, but I am sure
     they are the same criminal from the first time about 30 years ago.
I gave them 2 choices.
Pay for the crime or cover the crime entirely without further begging.
Either way satisfies me.

ID replacing passport and benefit
     They took my passport, phone and money which I could not touch during incarceration.
     Instead they provided allowance for labour like cleaning.
     They might not like our services for them. Fuck !!

Essay after refusal to asylum in Swiss : 22, Aug. 2017      1      2
     During the incarceration in Zurich Int'L airport,
       I tried to post some articles on but failed.
     When I waited for my return flight with a dward female officer,
        the dwarf asked me if I want to do some twits at Twitter, happily.
     I refused the suggestion and instead got an orange.
     The dwarf looked so satisfied. What a country !!

Mimicking airport broadcasting 20170903      1      2      3     
Mimicking airport broadcasting 20170904      1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8
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Consult to ICC into refusal :      ICC email-1      ICC email-2

Afterwards I applied exile to Canada, not got replied. Same as refusal.     emails :      1      2

Round trip to China was cancelled and got back at the first city.      trip to China

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