Fine & Accusation

How the fine is handed is currency, realestate, gold or silver… which forms not as bank notes, credit, or highly estimated shares, but as touchable and controllable things for me in front of me.

How is it stored or spent… for what period ….
      by local currencies or real estates or
      by buy manufacturing facilities or farmland or
      by lending

For the transgressor due payment,
      at longest 10 year installments with 20 % of yearly interest rate
      on at most 30 % of downpayment only with concrete security (early redemption is available.)

details;       Not only the devel but also big beggars is in detail.
      for my personal data
      for physical damage
      for financial damage
      for temporal damage
      the torturing technics

Mental hospital
      calling schizophrenia

Korean gov't
Korean gov't - individual
Korean individual

the Swiss
the Netherlands - fund

      Moon, the old
      the Swiss
      the Hollywood
      the German

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