Part 6/7 - the struggle for international lawsuit, applying for refugee, and trials in S. Korea

The reason that I make details of my story and the related names is that I need feedbacks about these illegal situations.

I took 5 gene tests, 3 in Korea and 2 (NIMBL 1 , 2 + Genex ) in America, which resulted in the same that she is my biological mother.

I contacted International criminal court in order to sue Korean Gov't, sending some documents by FEDEX. I did not be replied. The copied documents that I kept long was stolen recently. The stalkers enter my apartment freely in my absence and steal and sabotage to harm me.

Their main tool is the fight between individuals. After the battles, they can harvest secretly but like hungry shameless beggars, around the bleeding counterparts. As for me, since then I was not with any supporters or the opponents near me, which means their main tool is flawed. Whom I am railing against is the stalkers themselves in the midst of the battle, which seems first case for them. They fall in love with me, not as witnesses. What is more laughable is that I don't know who they are. But, surely I feel they are crazy for me.

If they are illuminati, they are not intelligent, philantropic, justice loving, generous, powerful and wealthy. They want to get the values and be estimated as the same. It's impossible desire of them because they don't deserve it. They are starving seekers for something valuable. They just want them furiously even by thefts and frauds.

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